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Around B

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This version of Around is an exciting bonus title for any user, offering bolder and more daring design options. With a fun and eye-catching look, this family is perfect for logos and magazine titles, adding a fresh and original touch. This family is a unique blend of different sources of inspiration, such as the discretion ligatures li, tt, ti, and tti, based on a discarded version of the logo designed by Walter Ballmer for Olivetti in 1960.

We incorporated letters with slanted strokes a, h, m, and n, based on a piece of lettering found in an article in Avant Garde magazine No. 12, 1970, entitled "Dial-A-Hawk: A Ringing New Form of Anti-War Protest", which fit perfectly into the Around system, their rounded ends adding an extra component of personality.

+ 5 weights
+ OTF features: Stylistic Set with its respective name in order to improve the font's user experience:

1 i,j with rectangular dots
2 M with rounded apex
3 a,h,m with oblique stems
4 Ligatures: li,tt,ti,tti

+ Character set that supports Western, Central and Southeastern European languages.
+ Script: latin

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Around B

0 ratings
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